Nancy Salzman
Nancy Salzman
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We’re using the term “executive” in its purest sense: the word stems from the meaning “to execute,” which is the ability to create or put into action—to make something happen. This is precisely what our programs help you do. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, we offer the tools to help you effectively carry out a plan for success.

You can learn all about ESP’s founder Keith Raniere here and its president Nancy Salzman by visiting this page.

ESP uses proprietary, state-of-the-art tools to address limiting beliefs and behaviors at their root. As a result, the shifts people can experience are both profound and permanent. While many other programs offer coping mechanisms and temporary fixes, our patent-pending technology, Rational Inquiry®, can facilitate lasting change and allows you to make better decisions—decisions that are more in line with how you want to be.

Of course, you never know anything for certain until you try it yourself. This couldn’t be more true for our programs, since they are largely experiential. The next-best way to get more information about what results you could expect is to hear from others who’ve taken our programs. If you are interested in raw data and statistics, we are in the process of measuring our results through various scientific methods (to be released shortly), and in the meantime you can view some of our anonymous survey results here.

Due to the nature of our programs, the integrity of our intellectual property is extremely important. In order to protect our trade secrets, which have been developed at great time and expense, we require individuals to not share our concepts or proprietary methods or materials.

Additionally, our programs seek to create a series of “aha!” type experiences, similar to what happens when you watch a really good movie: the story builds and builds, and then one little piece of information is revealed, and you “get” the entire movie. This experiential—or “inductive”—learning process is a crucial element of our programs, and part of what makes our products so effective and unique. And, as with a really good movie, once you’ve seen it you don’t want to disclose what happens and inadvertently ruin it for others who haven’t watched it yet. That being said, we do encourage people to talk about the results they’ve experienced having used our tools.

We believe the most effective type of learning is through first-hand experience, which is why our programs will always be delivered in person. In addition to the ever-important element of direct human interaction, this format allows for a more intimate and personal journey of self-discovery.

You may also be interested to know ESP’s founder Keith Raniere and co-author Ivy Nevares have published two books: Odin and The Sphinx and The Sphinx in Thelxiepeiea. The books contain Keith Raniere’s unique perspective on a variety of different concepts and topics. To learn more about these books, email our customer care team using the Contact Us page.

ESP is also referred to as NXIVM, as it relates to initiatives designed to promote ethics, critical thinking and a universally enhanced quality of human life. More specifically, ESP mostly refers to the training programs offered at our various centers.

Some of the most successful people in the world have taken, and continue to take, our programs. In so doing, they have gained a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. Our programs help people have more and enjoy more what they already have. So whether it’s overcoming a specific limitation or further expanding your vision of what’s possible, we believe better tools to be more joyful, productive and successful are always an asset.

More than 16,000 people worldwide have taken our programs. Our members come from all walks of life: some are leaders in business, science and government; some are high-profile members of the entertainment industry and global arts community; some are college students, parents or people transitioning into a new career or life phase. The bottom line is people from all different backgrounds and over thirty-three countries have experienced our programs. What they all share is a desire for richer, fuller, more rewarding and enjoyable lives.

We don’t have any definitive restrictions. However, there are a few guidelines we like to follow when determining if someone is a good fit for our program. We recommend individuals have a minimum maturity level and cognitive understanding—age-wise this typically translates into between the ages of fifteen and eighteen years, and is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. At the other end of the spectrum, we feel we’re never too old to learn! Apart from age, it is important individuals are mentally stable, and even better if they are open and curious.

In addition, we ask that mental health professionals, life coaches, business consultants, etc. meet certain terms and conditions in order to participate. People from these career paths have taken our programs, we simply must take necessary precautions to ensure there is not a conflict of interest.

As a final note, we like to emphasize the “personal” in personal growth. We believe it’s always best for every applicant to feel they are attending our program of his or her own inclination, and not at the behest or urging of another, whether that person be an employer, loved one, family member or friend.

We currently have centers in the following cities:

Albany, New York

Guadalajara, Mexico

Guatemala City, Guatemala

León, Mexico


Mexico City, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico

New York, New York

Vancouver, British Columbia

Please visit our “Where” page for more information on each individual center.

We’re so glad you asked! Our coaches are among the most rigorously trained and committed professionals in the personal development field. We require everyone involved with the quality and delivery of our product to first complete a foundational portion of our programs and to demonstrate a mastery of the material. Once you’ve had a chance to see what we’re all about, there’s an application process to determine whether our coaching program is a good fit for you.

ESP’s more than 16,000 participants come from an incredibly diverse selection of religions, world views and cultural backgrounds. ESP itself, however, is not religious or spiritually rooted in any way. This doesn’t mean ESP has no relevance for persons of faith; we often find people build a deeper connection to their belief system through our programs. ESP is specifically designed to be inclusive of any faith, spirituality or religious belief.

ESP makes absolutely no medical claims. However, many of our participants report experiencing significant enhancements in their feelings of wellness and overall quality of life. Some individuals have reported dramatic improvements with specific conditions. Feel free to browse our “Testimonials” section for more information.