Nancy Salzman
Nancy Salzman

A New Look at Executive Success Programs’ Course Materials

Executive Success Programs aspires to offer the highest quality trainings possible. We maintain high standards, which is why we regularly refine, and periodically update our course materials. This is no easy feat, considering the quality and depth of the concepts that ESP’s founder, Keith Raniere, brings to the course content.

Recently, producer/director and ESP executive board member Mark Vicente led a team of more than 40 writers, editors, film industry professionals, artists and support staff to update the company’s filmed course materials, which principally feature ESP President Nancy Salzman. The results were outstanding, and today Mark is going to share a little bit about his process.

Looking back, I am in awe of what it’s taken to get this far. These materials are the result of a lifetime of Mr. Raniere’s wisdom and experience, coupled with Nancy Salzman’s skill in working with people and her expertise with this material, and more than 16,000 people who’ve helped shape our product by taking our programs over the years.

During principal photography I had the chance to re-experience the material again and again, over the course of multiple takes. This concentrated, focused time gave me the benefit of daily perceptual shifts and insights.

I felt deeply moved by three things during this process:

Firstly, Mr. Raniere’s creation: the effect of this material is profound. It is complex, relational, logical, creative, inspirational, compassionate and principled—accurately reflecting the man who created it. Suffice it to say, it has changed thousands of lives, and it’s my conviction that we stand poised to change millions more. Having now attended every training offered by ESP, I can tell you that the message is unfaltering: his every effort is bent in pursuit of a noble civilization.

Also, I developed a much deeper appreciation for Nancy Salzman’s role in the company. Insightful, tenacious and precise, she worked for hours and hours every day (for 20 days) delivering complex material, all while maintaining the warmest and most enthusiastic disposition. Her reputation for tenacity, strength and endurance is well earned.

mark_vicenteFinally, I’m very grateful to have worked with an amazing team of people. I’m especially proud that we created an atmosphere that one film industry professional described as their “most positive working experience ever!” It’s been a privilege to lead this team, and to deliver this wealth of new material.

Written by Mark Vicente