Nancy Salzman
Nancy Salzman

“If You Want to Live Your Dreams, Wake Up”

One of the greatest joys of being part of Executive Success Programs is seeing people consistently exceed their personal best. So what’s even better than that? Being able to call those people your friends.

One of our newest regional executives, Jorge “Chino” Fregoso, wrote the title of this piece on a two-dollar bill long ago. This particular quote moved him to take his life in a new direction: he took stock of his skills, and launched a career in construction and interior design.

Somewhere along the way he was introduced to ESP. Finding a strong match between his vision and what the company offered, he became a professional coach and quickly expanded the application of ESP’s tools to his business. What followed? A boom.

In 2015, Chino’s business built more than 100 apartments and 3,000 kitchens and closets in the greater Guadalajara metropolitan area (Mexico’s second largest metro region). Such was his success that it caught the attention of Maxwell magazine, which featured him in their January/February 2016 edition. Coincidentally, the honor came shortly before Chino became a regional executive with ESP.

In Maxwell’s article, Chino briefly describes his journey, life lessons and unique outlook. He also shares with readers these six keys for success:

  1. Set goals, that way there’s due north and a focal point.
  2. Have fun! It’s the only way to weather the storm.
  3. Treasure your mistakes—analyze them, learn from them and don’t beat yourself up. If you own how you created them, you’ll also own the lesson.
  4. Choose your team well.
  5. One step at a time. Think big, start small.
  6. Find tools that can help and don’t assume you already know something—to learn something new, you must keep a young, open mind.


To read the full article (in Spanish), click here.