Nancy Salzman
Nancy Salzman

What Motivates You?

Motivation is a prerequisite for moving or achieving anything in life—no surprise there. At Executive Success Programs we like to look at motivation a little differently: usually, when we’re motivated, we focus on the thing we’re going after, and rarely look inside to figure out what might be driving us on a deeper level.

We think it’s important for people to have a clear vision of what they want to do, but most importantly, why. This simple yet profound change in perception can be a radical shift for many people. Diego Rodero, a successful entrepreneur and professional coach with ESP, shares his experience of coming to better understand the source of his motivation.


I’ve been asking myself a question lately: What really motivates me? I mean, life is pretty good, isn’t it? But sometimes it feels like maybe it’s not 100%. Is it my goals that move me? My vision? My business? People? My hobbies? All of the above?

The answer wasn’t very clear to me until recently. I attended a talk with ESP’s founder, Keith Raniere, which centered around three ideas that have stuck with me since: character, commitment and discipline.

As I listened to Keith, I started thinking differently about the concepts. And it wasn’t only my thinking that changed: I felt differently about them, and I was able to understand them better and see how incredibly valuable they are. I reflected on many aspects of my life in relation to these three simple things. And it soon dawned on me that, yes, success and all things external are important, but these three traits are really at the root of what moves me most in life.

Diego_Rodero I now understand my motivation better: Working on myself to be more steadfast and consistent really shapes my experience and gives meaning to every moment I spend on this planet. The path is much clearer. I have a better sense of direction with how to build my professional career, my work with ESP and, moreover, my relationship with myself and the ultimate experience I want to live.